About AMpay

“Innovation is the lifeblood of AMpaybians, and the company has made a significant investment to ensure the solutions offered becomes a world-class go to strategy. We will continue innovating aggressively for the top segments in the market, and are confident that our unique culture – one that values openness, trust, and inclusion – will help us meet our long term goals,”    

Why “Best of the Both Worlds”?

Greener Pasteur is not for long! We are in an era when e-commerce is ballooning into an unrealistic bubble to burst sooner or later, making it imperative to derive a medium to bring the comforts of the virtual market place to real market place. 


Why AMpay? In the world of fast growing prolific technologies why settle for the conventional perfunctory ways of anything. When everything from our phones to cars, our televisions to home assistants are turning our world smart then why should our shopping experience limit ourselves to the rustics. AMpay enhances the rustic act of your peripatetic shopping into an integrated one, as if you are the owner of the store you walk in. You keep in items you wish for, while your phone bills it for you, you pay and you walk out, With no questions asked nor waiting in the unwanted queues. So walk in today with us, have a piece of this luxury, enhance your experience and save your time
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