The Backdrop

The Hospitality and Leisure industry’s success continues to rest on its ability to cater to individual consumers’ preferences and desires. People eat, sleep, play games, cement friendships and seek cures in hospitality facilities.

Current Scenario

However, recent trends suggest that the industry has been losing that connection with their customers asĀ  on the third-party aggregation platforms, other than by price, hotels & restaurants are becoming less differentiated and consumer reviews and star ratings are becoming more important than brands. This is a worrying sign for the H&L industry.

Solution to it

Therefore AMpay has introduced AMWORLD Foodcourt application,to assist hotels & restaurants to find ways to distinguish themselves and position their property as distinctive destinations for customers, to develop preferences and loyalty in order to drive direct bookings on their merit. AMpay can be your proud exception to e-commerce business, where greater growth usually means greater losses.

The Hypothesis

AMpay offer more highly personalized experiences that anticipate and go beyond the needs of the target customers – and count on word of mouth and allegiance to not only retain their customer base but also grow it with more potential customers. It has been developed on three strategic priorities:
  1. Modernize the service offering;
  2. Integrate high-touch-oriented experience;
  3. Implement the latest technology to save on back-end administrative processes.
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